Farewell to Horses

There you have it. Finally.  A triple crown winner in horse racing for the first time in 37 years.

Now I’ve seen it…and now I never have to feign interest in this sport ever again.

I’m not going to be the “(insert sport) is dead” guy, or the “(insert sport) is boring” guy.  That’s lazy journalism, and it’s not my personal opinion that makes or breaks a sport for the entire world…it just makes or breaks it for one person, me.

Obviously with the amount of money being thrown around horse racing isn’t dead and though the ratings were down this year as compared to last year, there is a large interest in this sport that will keep it alive.

For me though, it’s over.

Year in and year out I cheer for there to be a Triple Crown winner so that I don’t have to watch the following year.

It’s not that horse racing isn’t exciting.  It’s incredibly exciting, and fast.  I was on my feet with my hands raised in the air exclaiming “FINALLY!”

That exclamation was well deserved.

My entire life, I’ve heard about Seattle Slew, Affirmed and the rest of the fabled Triple Crown winners and for 31 years, I had yet to see it happen.

Now I have.

I am very understanding of what this means, I love the story of the horse, of the trainers and of the owner…but it wasn’t ever really about them to me. It was about seeing the accomplishment that I had never seen before.  I’ve now finally seen a Triple Crown in both horse racing and my beloved baseball.

It’s been a pretty amazing time in sports to be honest, and America Pharoah just adds a nice cherry to the top for me.

I put it on the “trophy case” of events I’ve seen in my life, along side Roger Federer’s Grand Slam record and from here on out, I have more time on my schedule on 3 Saturdays between May and July.

I don’t need to watch horse racing ever again, and that is something I am personally happy about…the reason why is one I will not bore or anger you with…it’s just personal choice in the end.

So here’s to you American Pharoah…the horse that saved me from horse racing.


Read more: http://www.740thegame.com/onair/open-mike-40566/inside-the-mind-of-ditti-farewell-13657448/#ixzz3cmqPcaEs


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