End of Week Notes

I’m going to try a new Friday approach here on the Inside the Mind of Ditti blog.  Friday’s End of Week Notes.

NBA Finals tied 2-2:

This is what we wanted…right?

We have the two best teams in the league going blow for blow and just three games left to decide it.  On top of that, we have all of the typical championship storylines.  The young upstart Warriors with rookie coach Steve Kerr and MVP Steph Curry.  The resurgent Cavs with the King eyeing his third ring.

There are unsung heroes in Matt Dellavedova and Andre Iguodala.  There has been two overtime games, a blowout turned close game and a blowout so far.

The question is, can it continue?

I have my doubts about the Cavs, have all season.  They have the greatest player in the world, but with the injuries they have nothing else and after seeing Game 4 it seems the Warriors have figured out Dellavedova.

I’m still pulling for my man crush LeBron James, but I’m starting to think Warriors in 6…last night wasn’t pretty.

Stanley Cup Final tied 2-2:

I still maintain that the Lightning have dominated the majority of this series…but the beauty of hockey is that that doesn’t matter.

Chicago’s two goals in the 3rd period to win Game 1 stand out as the most crucial part of the series so far.  Tampa had controlled the entire game, had the 1-0 lead and the chance to take control of the series from jump street.

If Chicago doesn’t find a way to net two goals in that 3rd period, I would have been anticipating the Lightning hoisting the Cup tomorrow night at Amalie Arena.  Now that isn’t a possibility.

At two games a piece, it’s a new series and the Lightning have home ice.  Problem is, the Lightning haven’t faired too well on home ice this post-season.  Let’s hope they can defend their house better in the final two of three games it will host.

I stand by my original Lightning in 7 prediction.

RIP Dusty, Ornette and Christopher:

It was a tough day for fans of movies, jazz and wrestling yesterday.  I happen to be a fan of all three.

The American Dream Dusty Rhodes was obviously past his prime in my childhood to teenage obsession with professional wrestling, but his presence was never gone.  He was always a part of everything, and always the basis of stories from the older wrestling fans I knew.

It was one of the greatest honors to answer the phone to Dusty Rhodes for an interview on Open Mike.  I took the opportunity to talk to him for a couple of minutes before we returned from break.  An unbelievably kind man, and a talent in the ring and on the mic that modern wrestling fans, myself included, have never seen.

Ornette Coleman was the creator of “Free Jazz.” As a kid I played the trumpet, and have always been obsessed with jazz.  Coleman was one of my favorite musicians and free jazz is one of my favorite jazz forms.

Christopher Lee was obviously the most famous of the three legends lost yesterday.  A legendary actor and most importantly to a Bond fan like myself, he was a perfect Bond villain in “The Man with the Golden Gun.”

Today I will spend a few hours on YouTube watching old American Dream promos, then some time listening to Ornette Coleman before throwing on “The Man with the Golden Gun.”  It will be a great day.

Orlando City Supporter Chant Dropped:

Unlike a lot of local personalities and journalists, I will not pat myself on the back about this, because I never pleaded for it to be dropped.

My plea was about respect and about being proud of the product the supporter groups put out.  So while I applaud the decision to drop the chant in question based on the inability to shut up the moron fringe, I still feel it was done for the wrong reasons.

In the end, it was the right thing to do for the Iron Lion Firm and Ruckus.  It’s just unfortunate that some people couldn’t see why what they were doing was wrong, and made the leadership of the groups look bad, even though they had done everything they could to rid these chants of offensive language…but now it’s over, so we’re moving on.

Now, will anybody cover the charitable efforts and Special Olympics volunteering that these groups take part in?

I will. Stay tuned.

Parting Shots:

–  The Caitlyn Jenner whine has grown to an unbearable level.  I’m not going to tell you to change your opinion, or tell you what to think.  I don’t care what you think.  It’s your life, just like Caitlyn’s life is her life.

What she does is no skin off my teeth because it’s not a part of my day-to-day life. Of course I get the gripe about the coverage, but I also have a solution.  Don’t watch it.  I don’t and I’m never mad about it.  So instead of being mad about the coverage, just ignore it.

–  Homer Rant: The Red Sox are AWFUL…and I love it!  Look, I’ve had some happy times in the past decade-plus with my teams and I have trouble getting too doom and gloom after getting to see the Sox win three World Series in nine years.

I am still a Red Sox fan though.  So I’m giving up on June 12th, but I don’t think that’s such a bad thing.  Two straight bad seasons will finally complete the bandwagon dump.  The phony fans who have jumped on board since the 2004 miracle in the Bronx have given our fan base a horrible image.  I for one am enjoying the ever increasing legroom on the Red Sox Nation bus these day!  Go Sox, lose them all!

– Lastly, the Summer of homers I wrote about the other day continued last night.  Check out this laser Stanton Smash from last night’s Marlins vs Rockies game:

With that I hereby declare the week is over!  Enjoy your weekend, I’ll see you all at the Citrus Bowl Sunday night for another Orlando City victory!


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