Hack of Ages

The “cheating is cheating” crowd has returned, and for all we know they could be right…but then again, are they ever.

We all know there are things in some sports that are a big deal that aren’t in other sports.  Like say deflated footballs, the baseball world was laughing at the NFL for that one.

I’m just going to say this one thing about the “cheating is cheating” crowd.  If that’s the case, then breaking the law is breaking the law and I anticipate you will all turn yourselves into the authorities for going over the speed limit.

Okay, now I’m done with that.  On to the Cardinals.

Here’s what we know:

  • The Houston Astros were hacked, and information was released.
  • The MLB contacted the FBI about the hack, assuming it was some group like Anonymous.
  • The FBI found it was somebody involved with the St. Louis Cardinals who hacked the Astros from a home in Jupiter, Florida used during Spring Training.

That’s it.  That’s all.

Yes, we have a lot of the information the Cardinals allegedly made out with.  Most of that information is about trades and scouting reports…though somehow the Cardinals didn’t find a way to get Jose Altuve or George Springer.

So here’s my “take” as of right now.

This seems stupid.  It seems to me like the Cardinals aren’t truly involved in the sense of what the “cheating” crowd is hoping for, but really we don’t know yet.  We have no idea the reality of this situation. We haven’t been told the severity of this as far as baseball is concerned.  All we know, for certain, is that the Cardinals are the target of an FBI probe.  Nothing else.

My conclusion because of this is simple, I have no strong opinion on the Cardinals.  I will once I find out everything and can see all of the facts of the case.  Until then, I only have a strong opinion about one thing.  The national media is going to blow this into deflategate territory and just as it was with that nonsense, this thing will be made to be a far bigger problem than it really is.

I for one am going to trust in Commissioner Manfred and do as he asked, wait until the entire story is told.



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