End of Week Notes 2

Happy Friday everybody! Make sure to get out to the Mascot Games and see Doc and I coach some kids to victory.

Now to my end of week notes.

St. Louis Cardinals Hack:

You can see my full thoughts on what we know about the Cardinals hack here.

I’m not going to wax poetic about how dumb this story is, or jump to conclusions and hang the cheater label that’s so easily tossed around these days. The point of this note today is to simply take a shot at the NFL’s obsession with itself.

Is CNN pushing stories of terrorist threats for the Cardinals hack? No.
Is ESPN having multi-hour long roundtable discussions about the Cardinals Hack? No.

Why? Simple, it’s because Major League Baseball isn’t obsessed with itself. It doesn’t care if it’s only talked about by the true fans and not everybody. The NFL is like the pretty girl who dresses like she’s going to a ball on a daily basis. They’re starved for attention, and for no good reason.

How the Cardinals hack is being handled is how the NFL should handle their drama. Comment on it and then let it play out. No need for constant speculation, leaks and “hot takes” about the cheaters. Just patience.

So, from now on I beg of you football first fans…wait for the facts and THEN present your hot takes. Thanks.

Tiger Reprise:

No, I have not given up on Tiger after his 10-over par opening around of the US Open. I have however given up hope for him in THIS tournament…obviously. This is why I’m wearing my Tiger red polo today (well that and I’m the red team coach at the Mascot games).

Today is Tiger’s Sunday and yes, even after the 10-over par performance a day ago…I’m tuning in to the US Open tonight today to watch Tiger Woods.

Side note on US Open: I love Fox Sports and have since well before I started working on a Fox affiliate, but there are some things that people thrive at and some they don’t. Fox is GREAT at football, baseball and even soccer. The US Open however is not their forte. I’m not going to bash them, but it’s obvious that they’re just inexperienced with covering the PGA. Maybe they should just sit the rest out.

Homer Rant of the Week:

Yes, it’s time to gripe about the Red Sox. Don’t worry though, as I told you that week I’m not angry about the losing. I am now frustrated with the actions of the players and even coaches.

Somehow the Sox found a way to take 2 of 4 from the Braves this week, but I wouldn’t take that as a good sign or anything even though the players seem to be. I don’t have a problem with player confidence in the face of defeat. I liked LeBron’s comment after Game 5 and I had no problem with Dwight Howard’s “champion” comment.

What I do have a problem with is Panda sitting on the toilet Instagraming away, scrolling through half naked women’s pictures. I also have a problem with players like Dustin Pedroia saying they’re not going to listen to the “BS” in the media, or manager John Farrell saying they’re better than what’s being talked about.

You aren’t, and sorry Laser Show…but it’s not BS. This team is horrid. They’re the third worst team in all of baseball by losses.

We joked on Open Mike yesterday about Suh’s “on paper” comments. Well, Farrell may be right that this team is better than what’s being talked about…but it’s only on paper. Paper doesn’t win ballgames.

Bye Bye Summer:

A scary scene during the Tampa Bay Rays and Washington Nationals game last night as phenom Bryce Harper’s knee buckled as he threw a ball in from right field. Harper left the game and will have his knee looked at probably today.

It didn’t look good.

Harper was in obvious pain, grabbing his knee. My hopes for the Summer of Home Runs sunk immediately. What’s worse is that Giancarlo Stanton had already launched one in New York, bringing his total to 25. All I can do at this point is hope that Harper will only miss a handful of games and return to the field soon.

Until then, I guess it’s Giancarlo’s Summer for the taking. Get to 60 kid.

With that I bid you a fun and safe weekend. Happy Father’s Day to all the poppa’s out there. We’ll see you bright and early Monday morning!


Any and all feedback welcomed! Hit me up on Twitter @Ditti33 or via e-mail at ditti@740thegame.com!

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