Say It Ain’t So Pete

For as long as I can remember, I have thought that Pete Rose should be in the Hall of Fame…as a player. He is the all-time hit king. Charlie Hustle. His on the field play was used as an example by every single little league coach I ever had.

Yes he was caught gambling on the game as a manager and no I’m not naïve enough to buy the “only bet on my team” stuff.  I still didn’t ever think it should tarnish his career as a player, just as a manager.  After all, the only evidence we had was that he gambled on baseball as a manager.

That all changed yesterday.

Yesterday Outside the Lines dropped a bombshell and ended any chance Pete Rose might have had at convincing Commissioner Rob Manfred to do what Bud Selig never would…reinstate him into baseball.

That will now never happen…and on this day, June 23, 2015…I officially take my name off of the list of Pete Rose apologists.

The notebook that Outside the Lines somehow obtained not only contains proof that Rose gambled on baseball as a player, but shows some shady coincidences where on days Rose didn’t bet on a game in which others he was connected to bet against the Reds.

I still separate his career as a player from his career as a manager, but now both careers warrant a lifetime banishment.  The rule plainly states you do not bet on baseball.  Both Pete Rose the player and Pete Rose the manager are now guilty of that.

The only outside chance for Rose that I can see is IF (and a big big if) he has already fessed up to everything to Manfred during this recent reinstatement attempt. Maybe if Rose told the Commish about everything already, he wouldn’t be swayed by this Outside the Lines report.  It changes nothing for me anymore though.

My battle is over, I no longer have any issue with Pete Rose’s exclusion from the Baseball Hall of Fame.


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