In Kraft I trust.

That’s really all I can do.

As a Patriots fan, a REAL Patriots fan, I’ve been through good times and bad…mostly bad over the entirety of my 31 years on this earth…yet some forget that.

Yes, the overwhelming majority of my counterparts in Patriots Nation continue to defend, deflect and attack back.  I’m not that guy.  I’m a real fan.

I remember waking up early to see my team take Drew Bledsoe with their first overall pick.  The Big Tuna was our coach, and he brought the Super Bowl hardware with him…so we assumed the 90s were going to be our decade.

We were wrong.

The Bledsoe years weren’t bad years, don’t get me wrong…but outside of the Super Bowl loss to the Packers, there wasn’t much hope of a Lombardi in those days.

Before those days…I don’t want to talk about it.  Let’s just say I wasn’t even 2 yet when the Fridge ran over the Pats so luckily I don’t remember it.

So we flash forward to today. After the greatest 15 years of Patriots football, and possibly the most dominant era in NFL history…but that’s another debate for a different day.

4 Super Bowls have come to Patriots Nation, and I enjoyed every second of ever single one.  Even in the other 11 years that there wasn’t a Super Bowl won, and two lost, were just as amazing as a fan.  To live and die with a team is what makes being a fan so much fun.  I live and die with my teams.

This brings us to the deflated controversy.

I know for a fact that I can’t win here.  I just can’t. No matter what I say, no matter how eloquently I say it, you will call me a homer. Tell me I’m biased.  Even though when it’s all said and done, we’re all homers, we’re all biased and your take is just as slanted as mine…just the other way most likely.

In the end, the NFL is culpable in not enforcing a rule that 99.9% of you, and NFL players, didn’t know existed.  A minor rules violation that newspaper columnists blew up into the crime of the century just so your mouse would find its way to their links.

That doesn’t excuse Tom Brady, or the Patriots.

As I said at the top, I stand with Robert Kraft.  As a true Patriots fan it’s all I can do.  I was a fan before Brady and Belichick and I’ll be a Patriots fan for decades after they’re gone.  That’s the kind of fan I am.

This thing could have been over months ago.  All it took was an admission of not knowing this was a big deal…because it wasn’t, and shouldn’t be.  I don’t think there was some massive undertaking involved here, and yes I guarantee it happens on a weekly basis around the league.  No, that’s not an excuse, it’s the truth.

This whole thing became a PR play for the NFL.  It’s easy to regain your positive image when you have a bad guy to fend off.  The Patriots are the bad guy to 31 other NFL fan bases.  Now Goodell is a hero in those 31 regions.  So he lost New England…well he gained New York, New Jersey, Philly and Baltimore back for sure.

This whole thing has been a joke from day one, and I’ll never waver on that….but I will say (and have from day one) that Tom Brady and the Patriots only have themselves to blame for allowing this to take so long that guys like Gregg Doyel were able to turn it into Watergate.  You confront it day one, it goes away.

Prediction- Brady will play Week 1, then sit 4 games.  This will all go away by week 6, Patriots earn Wild Card bid into Playoffs…then who knows.

Okay…now that’s over…let’s move on.


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