The JagWire: Cool Down Bradley’s Seat

Every August we are inundated with the typical “hot seat” conversation, picking on the coaches of the bottom dwellers of the NFL.   I know it’s easy column fodder, and of course sports talk radio conversation, but I have to draw a line when it comes to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

I just won’t accept the easy out of slapping the “hot seat” label on Gus Bradley because of his record so far in Jacksonville.

Look, you can’t deny that it’s been bad…horrible really, but it was horrible for the five years before Bradley got to Jacksonville.  Outside of the 8-8 season in 2010, the Jags haven’t been .500 or better since 2007.

Del Rio ran this team into the ground, and Mularkey just made it all worse. (See: Gabbert, Blaine)

I’m not a big fan of the “what I inherited” excuse, but sometimes reality has to shine through the negativity.  The reality is that Gus Bradley took over one of the barest cupboards in the NFL….maybe in NFL history.

The future of Bradley also has to hinge on Blake Bortles, his golden ticket.

If Bortles grows in any way in 2015, you have to look at Bradley’s job as safe in my opinion.  Improvement across the board should shut all hot seat talk up, but I really just need to see Bortles show himself to be a legitimate NFL quarterback for Bradley to be off any hot seat.

The only way I will support a conversation about firing Gus Bradley is if the Jags win 3 or less games and look worse than they did in 2012.  That is the only way.

If that doesn’t happen, then Gus Bradley deserves at least one more season to continue to move the Jaguars forward and hopefully back to some sort of winning ways.

I’m not guaranteeing Bradley finally has a winning team, but I do think this team has gotten deeper, and with another off-season together will continue to gel and grow as a team.  Even Bradley himself has talked about how the youth of this team is no longer an excuse this season.

I have faith in Gus Bradley.  So let’s cool off his seat a bit sports columnists.


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