The JagWire: The Future is Bright

Okay, so “Road to Super Bowl 50” doesn’t fit into the world of realistic expectations for the 2015 Jacksonville Jaguars, but you can still learn a few things from the great video above.  Back in the world of realistic expectations, I’m here to give you a little hope….about the future.

Yes, I know, you’re all sick and tired of losing.  I’m sure Gus Bradley and Shad Khan are as well.

Nobody likes to lose.

The problem right now is that you’re going to have to expect it.  Not as bad this year and probably less painful in 2016, but still a lot of losing.  It’s not such a bad thing though if you think about it.

You have an owner in Shad Khan who has been constantly linked to both Los Angeles and London migration rumors, yet continued to spend millions upon millions of dollars renovating EverBank Field.  I’m not going to add the fact that he always denies the rumors because let’s be honest…owners do what owners do most of the time.  Ask Baltimore Colts lifers.

The product on the field is definitely a work in progress, but the venue just gets better and better.  Last year the Jags added the worlds largest HD LED video screens along with pools and cabanas to spice up EverBank, and now there’s more coming.

The North End zone will now be known as FanDuelVille and on top of the pools and cabanas will serve as fantasy football fantasy zone and giant party.

In FanDuelVille fans have special opportunities to join in FanDuel daily fantasy football leagues and even compete to become the “Mayor of FanDuelVille.” This title comes complete with a premium spa cabana  and an all-inclusive party experience for home games.  As team President Mark Lamping said, the Jags are making EverBank Field the “fantasy football utopia.”

As far as that “work in progress” on the field is concerned…you’re future is bright there too.

There’s still a lot of young talent on this team that to be honest may or may not develop into stars, but there are a special few who I don’t have a doubt about.

  1. Blake Bortles:
    • I don’t know why I have to defend the #3 overall pick in the NFL draft just one full (almost) season in the league…but I seem to be more and more lately.  Bortles was sacked 55 times last season.  This doesn’t mean he is excused from bad play, but it tempers the outrage of the 11/17 touchdown to interception stat.  Bortles has looked good in camp so far, and still looks to have the good for the long run…now its up to the offensive line to keep him from becoming David Carr.
  2. Julius Thomas:
    • The 27-year-old tight-end burst onto the scene in 2013 with the Broncos catching 65 passes for 788 yards and 12 touchdowns from Peyton Manning en route to an AFC crown.  In 2014 the catches and yards were way down (43 for 489), but even in what’s been referred to as a “down season” for Manning, Thomas scored 12 touchdowns again and did so in 4 fewer games.  Thomas will give Bortles a much-needed security blanket at the tight end position, and brings a veteran and winning presence to the Jags offense.
  3. T.J. Yeldon:
    • As much as I loved the Dante Fowler pick this last draft for the Jags, I think Yeldon was their best draft choice in 2015.  Yeldon ran for 3,322 yards in his three years at Alabama and accounted for 39 total touchdowns.  While he wasn’t a primary target out of the backfield, he showed that he was capable and with him playing alongside Denard Robinson in the backfield, Bortles has check down options galore.  I really think Yeldon is going to be a legitimate NFL running back, but his success hinges on the same exact thing Bortles’ does…the offensive line.

With the young talent and yet another pre-season to mesh, I see this team improving…just slowly.  This may mean getting somewhere in the 4-7 win area this season, then into the 5-9 win area in 2016.  Then, if the progression continues at the rate we’ve seen…the Jags are a playoff team and possible contender in 2017.

So for now, enjoy the amazing new features to your stadium, enjoy the fact that  you’re in Florida in December and not Green Bay, and for the love of all that is holy….don’t run off another coach and force your franchise to start over again.

Patience is a virtue.


Any and all feedback welcomed!  Get me on Twitter (@Ditti33) or via e-mail at!


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