The JagWire: Sweet Taste of Victory

Celebrate Jags fans!

You have good reason to be happy about your team this week.  Your 2015 Jaguars already have a good win under their belt and look like a much different football team than we have become accustomed to over the past few years in Duval.

Of course the impressive 23-20 victory over their in-state “rival” Miami Dolphins did come after a horrific Week 1 appearance and just before the team heads up to New England to face the red-hot Patriots.

The good:

Blake Bortles looks like he finally settled in against the Dolphins.

Bortles was 18 of 33 for 273 yards and 2 touchdowns on Sunday.  The big plus?  NO INTERCEPTIONS!  Bortles held on to the ball, controlled the offense and read the Dolphins defense correctly all day long.

All in all, the Jaguars outplayed the Dolphins throughout the game by both controlling the time of possession and out gaining them in total yards.  The Jaguars offensive line blocked well to both protect Bortles (ZERO sacks) and open up better holes for rookie running back TJ Yeldon who managed 70 yards on the ground against a stout Dolphins front seven.

The Jags offense looked great, but the defense impressed as well.

They did blow a lead and give up 359 yards passing to Ryan Tannehill, but they also held Miami to just 42 total rushing yards making a much improved Dolphins offense completely one-dimensional.  This kind of defensive effort could help this Jacksonville team win a lot of football games.

The Bad:

I’ve got nothing.  This is exactly how the Jags have to play if they want to climb out of the enormous rut they have been in the last few seasons.  I saw exactly what I hoped to see from Bortles, the offensive line and the run defense.

The only bad I see…the next opponent.

It’s tough for elite teams to play in Foxboro.  A young and improving team may just be naive enough to compete, but if this defense can give up 359 yards to Tannehill they will give up 500 to the angry Tom Brady they’re going up against this Sunday.

That being said, if you execute the game plan like you did against Miami… there may be a chance.  New England’s defense isn’t what it was in 2014 and has been a bit sleepy in the 2nd half through two weeks of football in 2015.

Week 3 Outlook:

I’m not sure the Jags have enough to win Week 3, but I think they show a lot more than people are expecting.  I expect this game to stay close early, but the Patriots to pull away in the 3rd quarter and hold on for another home win.

Final Score:  38-24 Patriots.

I see Bortles having another impressive week statistically, but a few bad passes turn into major turnovers against the Patriots.  The defensive plan of making Miami one-dimensional will backfire if used against New England because Brady to Gronk is just too deadly.

Keep your chins up though Bold City Brigade, things are looking up in Jacksonville and your Jags are beginning to show signs of good days ahead!


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