I’m Back

Posted on 740thegame.com on September 30, 2015

Seriously…don’t call it a come back.

This is just temporary, but I’m still pretty stoked to be back.  I don’t regret my decision and in all honesty LOVE my new 2-job life and return to the world of the night owl.  I have gone to bed at 3 am more often then I’ve had to wake up at 3 am since I left Open Mike…and I love it!

That being said I’m back (for now) and my joy today mostly has to do with one thing…you, the Open Mike listener.  I’ve missed my ability to communicate with you all on a daily basis the most.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again now; you all accepted me, put up with me and pushed me from day one.

I always strove to be better for you and you all supported me at every single turn.

For that I thank you and with that I move away from this sentimental dribble and into sports because that’s what we do here!


Obviously you can read a lot of what I have to say in my weekly “Tales From The Moat” on the Football Roundup page of 740TheGame.com, but I’ll leave a little tease here.

I’m not done yet and you shouldn’t be either.

Yes, it’s bad…but let’s be honest, none of September REALLY mattered.  If anything the horrible play and tragic losses may have been a wake up call for this very young football team.

Now you enter AAC play at 0-0 in conference.  I’ll hold out hope until I’m proven wrong.

Another plus…free beer at The Basement until UCF wins, so if I’m wrong at least we all save some money.

Hennigan’s Playoff Push:

So Rob never said “playoffs or bust”…but he may as well have.

It’s not a bad thing, it’s just reality.  This team HAS to improve in the 2015-16 season or it’s back to square one.

Sure Hennigan just signed an extension, but does that really mean anything?  If the Magic win 25 games again this season, his job is in jeopardy…it has to be.  The process is only a process if it goes somewhere.

That being said…I’ll bite.  I’m in.  Let’s get some basketball hope back in this town.  There’s room for some blue among the purple in Orlando, so let’s bring it back!

MLB Postseason:

Ohhhh yeah, it’s almost October!

There aren’t many things I enjoy more than post-season baseball and this season is shaping up to give us one amazing October.  Even with my lowly Red Sox eliminated, I feel the playoff fever.

My predictions?

Jake Arrieta shuts down the Pirates and breaks Pittsburgh’s hearts in the NL Playoff game, but the Cubbies just can’t get it done in the end…sorry Back to the Future fans.  I do see this Cubs squad winning a World Series within the next 3 years, so hold on to that Wrigleyville.

I think the Cardinals win the National League pennant and face off with the Kansas City Royals in an all-Missouri World Series for the ages.  Seven games of neck and neck baseball and in the end it’ll be the Kansas City Royals hoisting the Commissioner’s trophy after clinching their first World Series Championship since 1985.


One season ago we KNEW that Tom Brady was done and the Patriots were over after 4 weeks…we were wrong.  Right now we sit just 3 weeks into the season, so I’m not passing any full on judgement on anybody.

I’m done with the week to week overreaction of NFL fans and media.  We have no clue yet how this thing is going to shake out.

Yes, we know which teams are really good and which teams are horrible…but there are a lot of teams that fit in to the “maybe” zone.

For all we know the 0-3 Ravens could still make the playoffs and end up going further than the 3-0 Patriots.  We just can’t know for sure what will be in front of us come Week 17, so please join me in deciding to wait and see and not freak out week to week.

So far we’ve seen the Bills go from Super Bowl champs week one to pretenders week two and back to contenders in week three.

Things we do know…unfortunately… the Jags are still pretty bad (but better) and the Bucs are improved but not a playoff team.  The Dolphins are a letdown through three weeks, but I’m not ready to write them off just yet, again we have a LONG way to go.


That’ll do it for this return of Inside the Mind of Ditti!  Again, this is temporary, but I am glad to be back for the time being!


Any and all feedback welcomed! Get me on Twitter (@Ditti33) or via e-mail at ditti@740thegame.com!

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