Tales From The Moat: Conspiracy Theories

With the return of one of my favorite childhood shows (The X-Files) on the horizon…I’m in full-blown conspiracy mode.

Over the first 5 weeks of the 2015 UCF Football season there have been rumors, rumblings and conspiracies about what’s going wrong with the UCF football program.  Mind you, this team won a Fiesta Bowl just 18 games ago…18.

Even last season with what looked to be a step backwards, the Knights were able to win their second straight AAC Championship and again win 10 games.  There was another offseason of turnover, but all signs pointed to a positive 2015…then 2015 actually came.

UCF is 0-5 to start the year and now after getting blown out at Tulane 0-1 in AAC Play.  Interestingly enough, the Knights still aren’t out of it…yet.

Now to help you try to sort out the asinine from the realistic as far as conspiracy theories are concerned, I’m going to go through a few and give you my thoughts on their legitimacy.

1.  George O’Leary is sabotaging Brent Key

I almost believe this one…not because I think GOL is evil like a lot of people seem to think, but because I don’t have a better reason for the ineptitude of this offense.

I think it’s become blatantly apparent that Key might not have been the right hire for the offensive coordinator job, but even the wrong guy with any offensive knowledge at this level should be giving us more than what we’ve seen offensively from the Knights this season.

Yes, this team has been snake bit by injury including QB Justin Holman who is back this week against Connecticut. This is good news and for all we know could be the answer to get UCF off the losing streak…but does it solve anything long-term?

I don’t think so, but I’ve been wrong before.

2. George O’Leary will be replaced by Charlie Strong.

Stop it….seriously stop it.

I’ve heard a few decent options with logical reasoning recently, but this one has been asinine from the beginning.  Charlie Strong will not come to UCF, I don’t even think he’s out of Austin like so many are saying…but even if he is, he’s going to get a Muschamp-esque deal to be a coordinator at a Power-5 conference and not take a job he has no ties to.

Give me better options than Charlie Strong when you’re talking about firing George O’Leary, please.

3. Justin Holman is not fully healthy, but is being forced to play.

I’m on the fence on this one.

It seems believable if you believe the severity of Holman’s injury that has been rumored.  I don’t see how if his hand was so badly broken he needed stitches that he’s already good to go.  That being said, I don’t want to believe it’s true.

Holman is still the QB that is going to give UCF the best chance to win going into 2016.  At this point you are 0-5 and though things aren’t completely lost, it’s looking more and more dismal.

Why chance furthering the injury?  That I don’t have an answer to.

4. George O’Leary will not remain at UCF as AD, but will coach in 2016.

This one I think is 100% true.

I feel that GOL was holding down the fort when he decided to take the Interim AD job and probably has done a great job, but with the 0-5 start and absolute collapse by the offense which is being run by his alleged hand-picked replacement it’s hard to believe he’d even be asked to continue to hold the position.

The good news?  All of the people who think he’s distracted won’t have to worry about it in 2016.

I think O’Leary with a new staff turns it around in 2016 and leaves a much better program than we’re currently seeing for the 2017 replacement…whomever that may be.


With all of this said, I still have faith that we’ll see some better football than we have so far this season.

If Holman is in fact healthy, it’s a HUGE step in the right direction.  Now they just need to get even healthier and find their groove offensively.  I still maintain that this defense is not that bad, but again health comes into play.

For now, get out and support these kids…they aren’t to blame for any angst you have for the coaching staff or administration.  They are still out there every single day busting their backsides for your enjoyment on Saturdays.

Support them now and maybe they’ll give you some glory in the near future!  Charge On.


Any and all feedback welcomed! Get me on Twitter (@Ditti33) or via e-mail at ditti@740thegame.com!


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