Tales From The Moat: Thanksgiving Miracle

It all goes down at the Bounce House tomorrow night.


It’s miracle time Knights fans.

I know it seems like the winless season is already set in stone and that USF is actually pretty good this year and well, let’s be honest…UCF isn’t.  This means nothing tomorrow.

The inaugural Turkey Bowl is a rivalry game and what do we always hear about rivalry games?

So let’s do that.  Let’s throw out the records, the speculation and the glaring holes all over the field for the Knights.  Let’s instead treat tomorrow night as a championship game…because it is.

Regardless of final record, USF fans do not want to have to hear from the 1-11 Knights fans about how their Bulls came to the Bounce House and choked.

USF fans have already decided that this game is over.  They’ve decided that UCF has no shot on the field and that their fans aren’t even going to protect their house.  So let’s prove them wrong because the product on the field can always be improved by a raucous home crowd….and diminished by a lackluster one.

In the end I get it for a lot of the student body, you go home for holiday weekends like this…but a lot of UCF fans live in Orlando and what better way to cap off your Thanksgiving night than by watching your UCF Knights net their first victory of the year over the dreaded USF Bulls, giving you all bragging rights for another 365 days.

So let’s do this Knights Nation.  I’m ready to bury the negativity and move into the next chapter of UCF football and to do so with a win over Willy T’s cattle.

The Bounce House is calling…are you ready to answer?

Charge On.


Any and all feedback is welcomed!  Get me on Twitter (@Ditti33) or via e-mail at ditti@740thegame.com! 


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