Thank You Orlando

I don’t think I’ve ever struggled so much to write anything in my life…

It’s now been nearly a month since I finished packing up my apartment in Winter Park and headed off on vacation and ultimately to my new (and old) home of Greenville, South Carolina…but I’m still dealing with the most extreme set of mixed emotions I have ever experienced.

In so many ways I don’t think I’ve ever been happier in my 32+ years of life.

I am back in Greenville, I have a full-time big-boy radio industry job and I get to see the love of my life every single day in person rather than on face-time.

I drive around town every day reminiscing about the chaotic high school and college days I had here and am reminded just how much I love living in this wonderful city that I partially grew up in.

There’s really nothing that dampers these feelings and that’s what is so weird about this all….because I still feel a sense of sadness about leaving Orlando behind.

My stay in Orlando was never supposed to be permanent, but it was also never supposed to be as amazing as it was.  I didn’t expect the amount of success that I enjoyed (in every way but financially) and I definitely never expected to become a part of The City Beautiful in the ways that I did.

It was all thanks to you.

You the Orlando sports fan, the 740/96.9 The Game listener and yes even the few of you 810 listeners who stuck with me from the very beginning.   You all immediately accepted me, warts and all, and made me a part of your city.

In my short 4-year stint in the Orlando sports talk world I experienced the NBA All-Star weekend, the Dwightmare, the Jacque Vaughn “Good Ship Lollipop” era, Skiles’ return, Skiles’ departure, the USL Pro days (Purple since 2011!), the MLS expansion and of course the most interesting ups and downs with UCF Football complete with a BCS bowl win, two AAC titles and an 0-12 season.

You converted into a soccer fanatic as well as a UCF and Magic fan.  You made me a true converted Orlandoan and I’m damn proud of it.

The best part?

No matter how obnoxious I was on air or on social media, you all stuck by me.  You may have disagreed with me, mostly when it came to the Patriots, but you never turned on me.

For that I thank you all.

Now I sit at my cubicle in between production tasks writing this (over what is now almost two full weeks) and all I can do is smile and remember how amazing the 5-years I spent in Orlando were and how grateful I am to be able to call The City Beautiful home.

You helped to remind me exactly who I am and in turn showed me exactly what I am capable of.

Thank you Orlando.  You truly are The City Beautiful.




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