Tales From The Cockpit: Bye Week Blues

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To keep with my “good-ship lollipop” mentality I guess I should start this off with a positive thought…our Gamecocks did not lose this week and they shouldn’t lose next week either with UMass coming to town.

All joking aside, there’s still a lot to ponder in this bye week for the Gamecocks.  Constant speculation that there might be a Jake Bentley sighting against the Minutemen is the one that sticks out to me.

This is an idea I completely disagree with and will be pretty upset about if it is true.

Will Muschamp told the media that he’s evaluating every position and that he has a good plan for what to do at the quarterback position.  He’s also in recent weeks said that three quarterbacks have taken first team reps but not said that Bentley has taken first team reps…which is kind of confusing.

To me, there is no point in throwing Bentley to the wolves this season.  It’s a lost season, a bowl game is nearly impossible and definitely improbably and the chances of ruining a kid who should technically be playing on Fridays this year are far too high for my liking.

Bentley enrolled early after graduating high school an entire year early.  He could very well be lighting up the world of Alabama high school football again this fall, but instead has been taking 3rd team reps with the Gamecocks since the Summer.

I believe in this kid’s ability, I believe that he could be the next great quarterback for South Carolina.  I do not believe throwing him behind a Jekyll and Hyde offensive line with sub-par skill position players around him as an 18-year old true Freshman is a wise decision for Coach Boom to make.

Of course if Bentley does play and plays badly then the fans chomping at the bit to get after Kurt Roper or Muschamp himself for the failures of 2016 would finally have a legitimate reason.  Bentley is after all a Roper recruit and obviously the son of running backs coach and former Byrnes High School head coach Bobby Bentley.

Maybe that’s the real reason for some fans endless need for Bentley to get a chance on this 2-4 Gamecock squad.  Maybe they just want to finally have a justifiable gripe against the current regime and if the 18-year old can’t get the job done…well that’s on Muschamp and company.

Call me crazy, but I’d rather lose with Perry Orth giving his every ounce of effort and pride out there then see a kid who could be the future of the team lose his confidence getting tossed around like a rag-doll by the defenses of Florida and Clemson (among others).  I literally see no logical reason to waste a year of Bentley’s eligibility this late in the season when you know the end result of the season will not be a good one whether he plays or not.

It’s not my call though, so I guess we’ll find out this Saturday when the Gamecocks welcome the Minutemen into Williams-Brice Stadium for their noon showdown.  All I know for sure is that no matter who lines up behind center…this game is a must win and it’s time for the offense to finally score some points against a 1-6 UMass team.

I’m not willing to talk about failure this season, but if the Gamecocks offense fails to score in bunches this weekend…maybe I’ll change my mind.

For now, keep your heads up and keep looking towards the future.

Forever to thee.


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