Hurry Up and Draft!

The 2017 NFL Draft is just a few days away and it really can’t get here quickly enough.

The build up to this thing every year is beyond the realm of nauseating.  The talking heads speculate, then re-speculate.  They change their minds from Mock Draft 1.0 to Mock Draft 4.0 without any football taking place to justify the changes.  They’re almost worse than politicians the way they flip-flop on their opinions leading up to this event.

The College Football National Championship game was played almost four months ago in Tampa.  Since then, the only thing that the media and NFL front offices have seen is the underwear olympics in Indy and staged pro-days at colleges.  From that, draft boards shifted.

Nevermind the fact that Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson showed that he had what it takes to get the job done on the biggest stage for the second straight year against the daunted Alabama Crimson Tide defense.  The combine and pro-days tell some that Deshaun is dropping in the first round and one Mitch Trubisky is going to be the first overall quarterback taken…and quite possibly with the number one overall pick.


You mean to tell me that the kid that took his team to back-to-back national championship games (winning one of them) threw for over 400-yards in both national title games against Alabama on top of winning back-to-back ACC Championships and holding a record of 33-5 in 3-years as a starter has fallen behind the 19-12 quarterback out of UNC without any actual football being played?  That is ludicrous.

This is my problem with the NFL Draft being what it has become.

Since January 10th (the day after the CFB Championship Game), the NFL Draft has been a topic of conversation.  Since February 6th (the day after Super Bowl LI), the NFL Draft has been the ONLY topic of conversation.

That is far too much time for the talking heads to fill…so in turn we get either the exact same conversation for a few months straight, or, we get folks trying to throw stuff up against the wall and see what sticks.

I completely believe that the Cleveland Browns have looked at Mitch Trubisky as an option at quarterback.  I will never believe that they are looking to draft him ahead of Deshaun Watson with the first overall selection.

Of course, we are talking about the Browns, so I guess I should believe it…but I can’t fathom even the worst of NFL GM’s discussing this.  Now a decision to take Myles Garrett at #1 and then trade up to get a QB could definitely land the Browns in a position in which Watson has already come off the board and yes, Trubisky is the guy they wanted next.

That makes sense.

The problem is, in our current major network climate, making sense doesn’t polarize the viewer.  So we’re going to trot out two guys with opposite opinions to yell at each other, so that you can yell at them on Twitter and in the end we’ve just filled weeks of air-time with filler nonsense.

I know how ratings work and to be completely honest, it’s the consumer that has created this new style of crafting stories.  We click, we complain, they get ratings and keep doing it.  It’s a perpetual cycle that leads to conversations like the one on Mike and Mike this morning with Bill Polian.

Polian said that no player that has failed a test for marijuana at the combine has succeeded.  He then back peddled to saying that it was an “overwhelming majority” of players that failed tests for marijuana that haven’t succeeded.

Thankfully, NFL writers like Mike Freeman, Eric Edholm and others took that statement to task and pointed out quite a few examples.  I think the real issue is that NFL front offices have their priorities in reverse.

They coddle the player that gets a DUI charge or is accused of domestic abuse, but vilify the guy that smokes a little pot.

This then feeds into this time of sports media coverage that is used on filler NFL Draft regurgitation instead of talking about the Stanley Cup Playoff, the NBA Playoffs or baseball games.

Our world of sports highlights continues to go the way of the music video on SportsCenter and I’m sick of it.

Discussing major topics is a must on all platforms for sure, but forcing a discussion over discussing games is getting old.  Lets the topics come naturally, us sports fans truly do enjoy discussing actual play sometimes too.

Speaking of that actual play, I’ll repeat my stance…Deshaun Watson’s play is why he is the best quarterback in this draft. Hands down.

Now, hurry up Thursday, I’ve had enough of this.


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