End of Week Notes 5-19-17

So my plan to do these columns at the beginning of every week didn’t happen…so now I am returning it to the end of the week, but probably not permanently…I’m bad at consistency.

But, for now, here is this week’s end of week notes!

Beanballs win again…

Yesterday, I wrote a piece asking the Braves to rise above the old world style of baseball and resist throwing at Jose Bautista for his badly timed batflip the night before.

The Braves didn’t listen and pitcher Julio Teheran drilled Joey Bats in his first at bat.  The drama ended there, but the beanball led to runs in that inning and then the game got out of hand.

The Braves were more focused on upholding the dumbest thing in sports next to the NFL’s disciplinary proceedings and in turn got blown out in their own house by a team struggling to score runs.  In fact, the Jays are 17th in runs in the league.

Bautista himself has not been good at the dish this season.  He was batting .208 when he entered the batters box.  Strike him out, make it 2-outs. Tell him how you feel about him as he walks to the dugout and get out of the inning.  That changes the entire complexion of the ballgame.

Instead, once again, another MLB team gives in to rules that don’t actually exist….and the idiocy continues.

Y’all really doubted LeBron?

I laughed at people before the playoffs, I’m openly mocking you all now.

You know who you are.

The ones that laughed at LeBron for saying he hadn’t flipped the switch yet.  The ones that said the Cavs were in trouble and may not win the Eastern Conference.  The ones that said LeBron was finished and proving he wasn’t the best in the game.

Now don’t go bailing out to the tired, meaningless conversation about LBJ and MJ. I don’t care. You like MJ, I like LBJ…conversation over.  It isn’t a good enough cop-out from admitting being so wrong it’s hilarious.

I’ve expressed how illogical the LeBron hatred is time and time again, yet somehow the LBJ hater club never ceases to amaze me.  They’re ready to take any and every shot imaginable at a guy that epitomizes what we should all want our athletes to be.

Superstars whine, superstars get calls, all NBA players flop and nobody ever has done it alone.

Don’t hate the player, hate the game….and while you’re at it…don’t hate the guy who’s only flaw is “The Decision.”

Oh, and for all of the talk about how weak the east has been for LBJ…how often have the Warriors beaten a team at full strength?  Nobody can control who they play, but they can control how they play and nobody that I’ve ever seen in my lifetime (saw MJ in person) has played better than LeBron James.

It’s not even close.

The Kaepernick Situation

It’s not about football.

The end.

2-Part Homer Time

Part One: Orlando City Soccer

Deep breaths fellow OCSC fans.  It’s going to be okay.

The last four matches have not been ideal and yes, I completely agree that our boys left 4-points on the pitch over the last two matches….but Orlando currently sits in second in the East with a game-in-hand over Toronto.

They have 20-points and it’s May 19th.

I was against firing Inchy, but I’ve been proven wrong since this season began.  Jason Kreis is the man to take our Lions to the promised land.  The problem is, it won’t happen overnight.

Step 1: Make the post season.  Our boys are right on track for that.

Let’s take care of this step before freaking out about Supporter’s Shields and MLS Cups.

Part Two: Red Sox


So the Red Sox have a really good pitcher and it’s not the 2016 Cy Young award winner.

Outside of Chris Sale and Mookie Betts with an honorable mention for the recent hot streak from my man JBJ (Forever to thee), this team has been very disappointing and frustrating.

The insane focus on revenge for the Machado slide seems to have taken this team off of its game (also mentioned earlier with the Braves).

I do not feel that John Farrell is the right guy to manage this club anymore and he won’t be for long if they keep up the Jekyll and Hyde routine.

One positive has been that they continue to remain above .500.  By one game usually.

At least Sale pitches tonight…so I shouldn’t be too angry.


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