Hypocrisy On Display



Here we go with the unwritten rules idiocy…once again…

A pitcher held a grudge for three years and he’s the hero.



The hypocrisy surrounding home run celebrations and unwritten rules has been mind-boggling from the start.  Whether it’s the “change baseball for me” crowd, “baseball is boring” guy or the old world thought unwritten rules buffoon.

The hypocrisy is blatant.

Manny Machado’s slide into Dustin Pedroia got this year’s nonsense started.  Jose Bautista’s ill-timed batflip in Atlanta kept the stupidity alive and now Bryce Harper enjoying his playoff home runs three years ago led to another bean ball and brawl yesterday in San Francisco.

Every single time a player enjoys doing something amazing, like hitting a home run in the Show, people scream from the rooftops:


Sure…fine…if that’s what you want to believe, go right ahead believing it.

Just be consistent about worrying about the children.  Scream about the endless bean balls and subsequent brawls sending a bad message.  Scream about players screaming expletives so loud that the natural sound microphones pick it up.

Be consistent.

Of course not all people who hate home run celebrations (fun) in baseball are going to fit into the category I am talking about.  I’ll even admit that not every person that likes to glorify the rare occasions of violence is hypocritical. Some are okay with home run celebrations.

Problem is, a lot are hypocritical.

The true hypocrites are the ones that take to social media, blogs or radio programs and blast the Harpers and Bautista’s of the world for creating a generation of showboats, but then spend hours upon hours discussing how brawls are “what makes baseball interesting.”


Fun is what makes baseball interesting.

Grown men actually enjoying the fact that they get paid millions of dollars to play a child’s game is interesting.

Batflips, pitchers duels and walk-offs are interesting.

Not bean balls and brawls.

I’m still waiting for somebody to explain to me how throwing a 94-MPH fastball at a person and fighting said person is setting a better example for children than batflips and admiring your shot.

I’m waiting.

It’s hypocrisy.  Undeniable hypocrisy.

What’s even more frustrating is that the hypocrisy goes even deeper than what we saw in response to yesterday’s bench clearing brawl.

Folks never seem to see the showmanship of players on their favorite team and definitely ignore when a pitcher shows up a batter.  That’s what leads to guys like Hunter Strickland being the “good guy” for throwing a baseball at somebody.

Remember, Harper hammed a couple of home runs…three years ago…and Strickland threw at him yesterday for it.

Three. Years. Ago.

Three years ago, I was co-hosting a morning drive sports talk show in Orlando and engaged to a different woman than I’m engaged to now. That’s just one example of how much can happen in three years.

Do you know what else happened over those three years?

Numerous games between the Giants and Nationals.  Yet the rest of the Giants’ staff didn’t see it necessary to throw at Harper for the admiration in the 2014 post-season.  Probably because they eliminated the Nats that post-season and went on to win the World Series.

Of course, Strickland says he just came too far inside and denies it was a purposeful pitch, but pitchers always deny intent, or at least they do most of the time. This, to me, was blatant and the only proof of it I needed came in the form of Buster Posey.

Posey’s decision to allow this to go down without moving says one of two things to me.  Either he didn’t want to get involved knowing he’s be the target of retaliation or he didn’t move because Strickland told him what was going to happen and said he wanted a piece of Harper.

I have to hope that it was the former.

The Red Sox, Orioles, Braves, Blue Jays, Nationals and Giants have embarrassed my beloved game of baseball in 2017 and all for some list of rules that don’t even really exist.

This season has continued to solidify my opinion that the unwritten rules of baseball are garbage.  They are bad for the game and they do nothing but lead to distractions from what’s really happening on the field.

If folks want fights, they can watch hockey, boxing or MMA.

I’d personally rather watch grown men have fun playing a child’s game for millions of dollars.


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