Catching Up Again

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything and as much as I would like to believe this will be a return to normalcy…I can’t promise that it will be consistent in any way.  It is the holidays.

But…since it’s been a while and there have been some big topics in sports this week, I figured it was time to make something of a return to blogging.

So here goes nothing.

The Incompletion

Yes, I’m dubbing the Jesse James play “The Incompletion” because…well…that’s what it was.

By rule.

I understand that the easy reaction to this is “of course you say that, you’re a Pats fan.”  Thing is, that has absolutely nothing to do with this.

In fact, my initial reaction was “Welp, they lost.”  Upon seeing the replay I sent a single text to my Steelers fan friend:

This is going to be garbage…but he didn’t complete the catch.  They’re going to overturn this.

I was right, but I was still annoyed by it.  Everybody should be annoyed by it.

That’s why I’m so perplexed and frustrated with the debate over it being a catch or not.  That’s not the debate. The debate should be, “does the NFL need to finally change this rule.”

To that, I say yes.

James’ catch SHOULD have been a touchdown.  By rule, it was an incomplete pass.

Game over.


Oh man does the Red Sox fan in me want to laugh at Jeter’s first few weeks as an owner/CEO of the Miami Marlins….but I like the Marlins and I hate what’s happening, again, to the club.

I am not going to wax poetic about how Jeter helped his former club out or that he’s not interested in winning.  I think that’s a bit much.  Knowing Jeter the player, he’s not going to enjoy being in the cellar as an owner to start this thing off.

The thing is.  They’ll be a loser to start off his tenure, but only partly because of him.

Trading Stanton was only one cog in the wheel of dismantling the Marlins that falls on Jeets, but the entirety of the situation falls mostly on the former regime.  The garbage big money deals they’ve signed over the last few years have handcuffed the new ownership group.

Beyond that, it was the Stanton no-trade-clause that kept Jeets from sending him to San Fran or St. Louis.  He waves that and maybe the Marlins get a better return.

It just obviously stinks to high heaven because Jeets is a Yankee legend and gave a living legend to the Yanks for almost nothing.   I’ll just count it as a learning experience.  Jeets got worked by his former GM, no question.

Overall, I hope Jeets gets the Marlins on track and I really do hope that his plan…whatever it may be…works for the Fish and the entirety of the South Florida fanbase.

CFB Playoffs

I shared my thoughts on the final ranking on Twitter and on The Huddle with Greg McKinney on ESPN Upstate, so I won’t touch on that here.  This is really just to make my official picks.

Sugar Bowl: Clemson vs Alabama

For the third straight year, Clemson and Bama are meeting in the post-season.  This time, for the first time, it’s not for the title.

I’m not going out on a limb in saying that this is quite possibly the best playoff match-up we’ve ever seen before the title game.

Clemson’s defense has been unreal this season, but they’ve struggled to throw the ball on offense.  That hasn’t mattered though as the running back by committee has taken care of business as well as QB Kelly Bryant getting it done with his legs.

Clemson is a team unlike any that Alabama has seen this season and is a completely different team than they were earlier in 2017 when they beat Bama for the Natty.   Auburn may be the closest to the Tigers when you look at the Crimson Tide’s schedule.

It’s very hard to discount a Nick Saban team in a big game with time to prepare, but I don’t think we’ll see as much of a slobber knocker as we’ve seen the last two years.  I’m taking Clemson to lock up their 3rd straight trip to the title game.

Clemson 35- Alabama 24

Rose Bowl: Oklahoma vs Georgia

As fired up as I am to see another rematch between Clemson and Bama, I’m far more intrigued by this match-up.

Oklahoma’s offense versus Georgia’s defense will be a match-up for the ages.

In the end, I think the most pressure falls on the Oklahoma front seven stopping the two-headed beast of a running back the Bulldogs bring to the table.  If the Sooners can slow Chubb and Michel and make UGA a one-dimensional passing offense, and that makes them beatable.

If this thing turns into a shootout, which I think it will, I don’t see the Dawgs keeping up with Baker Mayfield and the Sooner offense.

Oklahoma 45- Georgia 38

Diddy Wants the NC Panthers

First reaction to Mr. Combs’ video is the obvious one…it’s the Carolina Panthers and it represents SC too, sir.

Second issue with the video should also be obvious.

I’ve been on the side of Kaepernick getting a job in the league all season.  Mainly because there are FAR worse QBs with jobs…but for Puffy to say that Colin would have a shot to compete for the Panthers is beyond laughable.

Remember that dude named Cam…Cam Newton?  You know, the MVP two years ago…Heisman trophy winner…yeah that Cam Newton.  He’s the Panthers’ QB.

Beyond that…I’m all for this.  Please Mr. Name Stealer Combs, please buy the Panthers with your buds.  I think it would be great for the league to not only finally have a black presence in ownership, but to have a non-old school football owner.

The old school owners have run this league for far too long without anybody questioning anything.  Puffy and his crew would never lay down for the rest of the owners when it comes to player safety.

An outside voice at those owners meetings could do great things for the league.  I think Big Puff Daddy Sean Diddy Combs could at the very least be a mouthpiece for the players in those scenarios.

Will it happen.  Doubtful.  A billionaire will buy it, be in tight with the other billionaire owners and players and fans will continue to whine and complain about every single suspension, fine or rule change.

One Last Patriots Topic

And no, this is not homer time…it’s logic time.

Please, for the love of all that is holy, stop with the lazy, illogical “NFL fixes games for New England” take.

It’s worse than Bianchi’s “vacate all of their titles” take after Deflategate.

A league doesn’t spend 2-years trying to win court cases to suspend the star quarterback of a team that they favor.

Rodger Goodell isn’t going to cater to New England fans that proudly sport their Clown Goodell shirts and boo him worse that he’s booed at the NFL Draft every time he shows his face in Foxboro.

Robert Kraft decided to go to war with Goodell over Deflategate.  There is nothing about what Kraft and the rest of the Patriots and Boston radio shows have said about Goodell that would curry any kind of favor.

So admit the truth.  You WANT it to just be that the NFL fixes games for the Patriots…because you hate the Patriots.

But remember…only my 2002 Sacramento Kings have a right to gripe about fixing games.

Abbreviated Homer Time



That’s gonna do it for this less than triumphant return to writing.  Look for more blogs (hopefully) and podcasts (double hopefully) soon.

Until next time, in the immortal words of Bill & Ted…

Be excellent to each other.



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