ITMOD: Shut Up and Enjoy The Greatness

Credit: © Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Why yes, this is unquestionably going to be a homer time blog.  So, you’ve been warned and can click away right now if it’s going to upset you…but…I’m still going to write it.

It’s time to shut up and enjoy greatness.

Seriously.  I’ve had enough of the hate.

I know inherently, we are haters.  We hate everything that isn’t what we love, but in sports, I feel that greatness needs to be celebrated every single time.

Whether it’s LeBron James and his stretch of consecutive finals appearances, Peyton Manning and his illustrious career or yes, even Tom Brady (G.O.A.T.) and his continued dominance of the NFL.

Brady just keeps going and all I see is hope for failure.  Hope for a demise.

To the extent of established and accomplished broadcast journalists making complete fools of themselves for basically praying for an end to the greatness that is TB12.  Even if New England is to lose to the Chiefs or lose again in the Super Bowl, nothing changes as far as how great Tom Brady is and has been.

I mean come on, he “fell off a cliff” into his 8th consecutive AFC Title Game appearance…I can only hope I fall of a cliff so gracefully at 41.

Every single time he is questioned, every single time the likes of Max Kellerman pontificate about the end of Brady, he comes back and shuts them all up.

He. Just. Wins.

What the Patriots have done in the salary cap era and done consistently since 2001 is unheard of and beyond simply admirable.  Remarkable is really the correct word to describe this run.

This is a run that doesn’t happen in professional sports, let alone the NFL.  This is a run like that of the Bill Russell Celtics, just with a few less rings.

And sure, Brady has lost a few Super Bowls…but he’s been to 8 of them, nobody else has done that. 5-3 in Super Bowls is pretty darn special and still, to me, cements the G.O.A.T. status.

Maybe this stat will sway you…in 17 full seasons for Tom Brady (missed 2008 with knee injury) he has only missed the playoffs one time (2002), been to the conference championship game 13 of 16 times and won it 8.  Percentage wise, Brady has more of a chance to make the AFC Title game than most NBA players have to make a free throw, including LeBron James.

Sure, your sports hate restricts your feelings on Tom Brady and you have every right to use your sports hate against him, lord knows I would be if he weren’t a Patriot.  But you can have sports hate and still appreciate greatness.

I did it with Peyton.  I’m doing it with Clemson.

So why can’t you do it with Tom Brady?


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