It’s About Time, Now Do Better

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It took until 2019, but we finally have a unanimous vote for the Baseball Hall of Fame and it is in the form of former New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera.

Good.  Great.


It is an absolute travesty that Mariano Rivera in 2019 is the first unanimous vote for the Hall.  With names that range from Babe Ruth to Greg Maddux, nobody has ever been unanimously voted in….but why?

Because the BBWAA is full of people that don’t deserve votes.

We saw this a few years back when Dan LeBatard auctioned off his vote through Deadspin.

Far too many Hall of Fame voters don’t even cover the game of baseball anymore and that’s a disgrace to the entire process.  Add in the old curmudgeon baseball writer with a stick, you know where, about PED users.

So BBWAA, I make this plea.  Now that you have FINALLY voted somebody in unanimously, it’s time to do even better.

It’s time to give players that deserve a unanimous vote that honor whenever it arises and it’s time to get off your high horse about Bonds, Clemens and yes, even Pete Rose.

The Hall of Fame is a museum.  It is designed to tell the history of the game of baseball.

Just like other halls of fame, it is for the entirety of professional baseball and not specific to Major League Baseball alone.

Cooperstown is a place that should tell baseball’s entire story and not just the one that we can swallow.  The 1919 Black Sox Scandal should have an entire wing and players from that team that deserve it should be enshrined there as Hall of Famers…especially Shoeless Joe Jackson.

There should be wings for each era of the game, telling the entire story.  Like how players used amphetamines called “greenies” in the old days and then it evolved into steroids and then human growth hormones.  This is all a part of the history of the game.

We cannot erase history, no matter how much it hurts us.

Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens were both hall of famers before PEDs.  They became unquestionable hall of famers with PEDs.  That should be documented and both should be enshrined.

It’s a hall of fame, not a hall of ethics.

So please, BBWAA…grow up, get over yourselves and give us baseball’s full history.  Not just the one that doesn’t make you uncomfortable.


Lovers of the game everywhere


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