An Embarrassment to the League

Credit: © Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA is a players league, the NFL is starting to realize that they’re going to have to become the same…but Major League Baseball is going the opposite way, and it’s pretty embarrassing to see.

In recent history we have seen players signed by MLB franchises for ungodly amounts of money, and yes, it’s pretty ridiculous for millionaires to squabble about getting extra millions, but in the case of Bryce Harper and Manny Machado, that’s exactly what they should expect.

Sure, Harper’s stats haven’t been MVP-level since his 2015 MVP campaign, but the guy still hit 34-dingers and drove in 100 runs in 2018.

That’s pretty impressive for a guy some refer to as “overrated.”

The other unsigned super-star this winter is Manny Machado, who may or may not have dug his own grave with his comments on hustling, but still was expected to be a hot commodity this offseason.

Machado’s numbers are even better than Harper’s in 2018 with 37-home runs and 107-RBI and unlike Bryce, Manny hit .297 between the Orioles and Dodgers last season.

And don’t even get me started on Craig Kimbrel…

There is no reason, what-so-ever, that these two men should be sitting on the free agent list as pitchers and catchers begin to report to Spring Training.

What makes this even more embarrassing for Major League Baseball, is that it’s just a continued trend that started last winter.  One year ago it took until Spring Training was already underway for JD Martinez to sign with the Boston Red Sox.

Now, this could all be an issue of agents and teams not getting the deals done over minor hang ups, or a sign that MLB franchises are shying away from giving in to the demands of the players.

If the latter is true, it’s a terrible look for the league.

In a time where other major sports leagues are either succeeding at or trying to become more about the men on the field (or court), MLB is failing to keep up.

The league has failed for years at marketing young talent, and now teams are adding fuel to the fire for the MLBPA just a couple of years before the next Collective Bargaining Agreement talks begin.

The fact that Kyler Murray has chosen football over baseball doesn’t embarrass Major League Baseball, it has happened before.  Not taking care of or promoting the vast amount of talent already in your league is what is truly embarrassing.

Major League Baseball raked in over $10 billion in 2018.  Tightening the wallets now is just flat-out greedy.


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