A Wise Kawhi Would Stay

Credit: © Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

NBA free agency is almost more exciting than the NBA regular season. With the trades and mega-signings across the league, there is never a dull moment during the offseason.

This year is no different with potential free agents like Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and most importantly, NBA Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard.

As is usually the case, the speculation surrounding these three stars, and others, is almost overwhelming at times. Rumors will be spread, sources will be wrong and in the end, the saga will either end with a puff of smoke or a massive shocker.

If Kawhi Leonard is smart, he ends his offseason story with a puff of smoke.

To me, there is no better destination for Leonard than Toronto right now. They are now a championship team thanks to him and could easily be the team to beat in the Eastern Conference for years to come if he sticks around.

Toronto with Kawhi could be what the Heat and Cavs were with LeBron for the last decade. In a league that measures rings above all else, why would you leave a situation that gives you a shot at the title every year?

I still question why LeBron did it.

Going out West right now in the NBA is idiotic, to me. It’s thunder-dome in the Western Conference. Even the sub par teams are better than the bottom half of the East’s playoff teams. Plus the Lakers are only going to get better and when Golden State gets healthy (if KD stays), they’ll be right back in the mix.

Why take the chance of not surviving the gauntlet of the West when you have a ready built defending champion right where you are?

Now, you take into account that the Lakers probably can’t afford Kawhi and he’s allegedly more interested in the Clippers and you have your final reasons why Toronto is the only smart option.

Well, that and the extra money.

Leonard has nothing left to prove. He’s a two time NBA Finals MVP and the only player to ever do that in each conference.

All he has left to chase is immortality….that immortality is his for the taking, but only if he stays in Toronto.


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