Catching Up Again

It's been a while since I've written anything and as much as I would like to believe this will be a return to normalcy...I can't promise that it will be consistent in any way.  It is the holidays. But...since it's been a while and there have been some big topics in sports this week, I …


Nah, I’m good.

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The day is here. Tim Tebow officially graces Fluor Field in downtown Greenville to take on our Greenville Drive for the first time tonight...and I'm not going to cover it.  I won't be there tonight, I won't be there tomorrow and I won't be there Thursday...even if it is "Thirsty Thursday." Why? Well, that's simple. …

Embrace Greatness

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Greatness (noun)- the quality of being great. As sports fans, we have witnessed a ton of greatness over the last couple of decades.  We've seen countless records change hands and at times change hands again.  We've seen dynasties in multiple leagues and we've seen legends rise and fall. Yet it seems that most only want …


The Next Chapter

It's official. The Chad Holbrook era of Gamecocks baseball has come to an end. Celebrating downfalls is something that I personally loathe, so don't expect that here.  If you want to celebrate this, go right ahead...but I will not. Coach Holbrook has been with the South Carolina baseball program for 9-years and was a very …


Thank You, Nationals

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It finally happened. Somebody held a silly grudge, for three years, started drama on the diamond…and the other team didn’t retaliate! To quote Al Michaels, “Do you believe in miracles!?” To be perfectly honest, I’m shocked.  I got to bed early last night to prepare for a long day today and totally expected to wake …


The Next Yankees Dynasty

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In 1996, the New York Yankees began their first dynasty since the 70s. They have failed to be one since. It’s been 14-years actually, but Yankee fans won’t have to wait much longer. Before getting into why the 2017 Yankees are better built for a long LONG run, let’s revisit the 1995 Yankees. You know, …


Hypocrisy On Display

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    Here we go with the unwritten rules idiocy...once again... A pitcher held a grudge for three years and he's the hero. Why? Easy...hypocrisy. The hypocrisy surrounding home run celebrations and unwritten rules has been mind-boggling from the start.  Whether it's the "change baseball for me" crowd, "baseball is boring" guy or the old …