You’re Up, Red Sox

Credit: © Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen some monster contracts in baseball, from Bryce Harper’s monster deal with the Phillies, to Mike Trouts even bigger contract extension with the Angels.

Now it’s time for the Red Sox to put up or shut up, or they could be without a generational talent in two years.

The reigning MLB Most Valuable Player will become a free agent after the 2020 season and that simply cannot happen.

Mookie Betts has already turned down an 8-year, $200-million extension, that the Red Sox reportedly offered after the 2017 season.  Betts himself doesn’t seem to be too worried about entering free agency, but the Red Sox should be.

Betts not only offers MVP-level talent to the Red Sox, but he’s done something that only one of the recent big signings have.  He helped his team win a World Series.

John Henry and the rest of the Red Sox ownership group should be offering anything and everything to Betts at this point to make sure he’s in Boston for his entire career.  Trout and Harper have shown that stars are willing to commit the rest of their career to one team if the money is right, so it shouldn’t be difficult for one of the wealthiest organizations in the league to match the going rate.

They have to do this for the sake of the product on the field, for the sake of the organization and most importantly, for the fans.

Show your fans that you are committed to keeping your superstars for the long haul.  Show your fans that you are the Boston Red Sox, one of the most storied franchises in the game and that you won’t be outdone by the Colorado Rockies, who locked up Nolan Arenado for the long haul.

It’s what the Phillies and Angels have done.

People can point to the money all they want when it comes to the Harper and Trout deals, but the most important part of both of those agreements is the fact that neither player has an opt-out.  They have committed the term of their contract to their franchise.

The Astros have locked up Alex Bregman, the San Diego Padres dropped huge money on Manny Machado.  There is no excuse for the Red Sox to nickel and dime this time.

They cannot afford to let a talent like Mookie Betts walk like they have done with former players like Jon Lester.

So the ball is in your court, John Henry.

Back up the Brinks truck, offer part ownership of your other business ventures…just do whatever you have to do to make sure number 50 ends up on the facade in right field at Fenway Park.


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